Vintage Delée Celebrates Friendship & Collaboration

This Saturday, December 15, our friends at Casa Bruja Brewing Co. will release the much anticipated Vintage Delée, a foeder-aged Celebration Tripel. This collaboration between Floris Delée and Casa Bruja’s Brewmaster, Stefano, is a special beer connecting friends from different countries and generations. 


Vintage Delée is born of a beautiful friendship with the great Belgian brewmaster Floris Delée, master of masters. We work together in collaboration to create a special beer to celebrate the brewing art, learn together and create unique experiences from the passion we share.”


Learn more about Vintage Delée (including “Four Steps to Enjoy Vintage Delée”) and about the December  15 release party in Panama City at

Brewer’s Notes:

Name: Vintage Delée

Style: Foeder Aged Celebration Tripel

ABV: 9.0% IBU: 33

Based on Panamanian water, German Pilsner barley malt, Panamanian cane sugar, Czech Saaz hops, Belgian abbey yeast, our Tripel shines with golden tones and persistent white foam. Spicy and sweet aromas of vanilla and citrus are spilled from the glass. We decided to mature it in our foeder, an American white oak tank, providing elegant notes of wood that harmoniously complement the spicy and citric character of the Belgian fermentation. Its soft and silky body carries its high alcohol content with grace, making it very pleasant to the palate.

Each bottle has been naturally carbonated by means of traditional refermentation, managing to condition it to be shared today or in the next three years. We recommend storing it in a vertical position a few days before consuming it so that the present yeasts sediment and you can serve crystal glasses by decanting the yeast and leaving it in the bottle. Designed to celebrate friendship, together, always, as it should be. Santé!