Obscuration Method


Obscuration Method – Alcohol MeasurementThis lab analysis package is for those distillers with spirits that have some dissolved solids, such as barrel-aged spirits or other whiskey products, and would like an accurate reading of their distilled spirit’s proof. The sample is processed by separating solids from the alcohol via evaporation in order to determine the proof obscuration, and is then used to determine the True Proof of the spirit using a precision densitometer. We follow the method outlined by the TTB.

This package includes:

  • Analytical Verification of Alcohol Content:
    • Alcohol Content (°Proof)
    • Specific Gravity
    • Obscuration (°Proof)

Sample size required: 350mL

Turnaround time: 3 business days after we receive your samples at our lab

Lab results emailed in PDF format to your profile contact


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Results in 3 business days

We guarantee accurate results within 3 business days of receiving your samples.

Analytical Analysis of Alcohol

-Alcohol Content (°Proof)

-Specific Gravity

-Obscuration (°Proof)