The Brew¹: This lab analysis package is our basic package for those brewers that would like an accurate reading of their beer’s alcohol content. This package includes:

  • Analytical Verification of Alcohol Content:
    • Alcohol by Volume (% ABV)
    • Alcohol by Weight (% ABW)
  • Sample size required: Two duplicate 12 ounce containers (bottles or cans)
  • 48-hour turnaround (two business days) after we receive your samples at our lab
  • Lab results emailed in PDF format to your profile contact

Note: If you are submitting different brands or flavors, please add each one separately to your cart.


Brand or flavor of beer (i.e. Fat Tire, Pliny the Elder)

Sample Description

Please describe the sample you are submitting (i.e. 12 oz. can, 22 oz. unfiltered bottle)

Shipping or Dropping Off? * 

Please let us know if you plan to ship or drop-off your samples.

Titratable Acidity

Add Titratable Acidity (ASBC Beer-8) to this Brew¹ lab analysis.

Distillation Fee

Check here if your target ABV is over 12%. If samples are over 12% ABV and box is not checked the fee will be charged to your account.

TTB Certified Lab Results

Certified and notarized documentation satisfying interstate distribution requirements. Certified values are for ABW.

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Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

ABV is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage.

Results in 48 hours

We guarantee accurate results within 48 hours of receiving your samples.

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Alcohol by Weight

Alcohol by Weight (ABW) is a measure of how much alcohol is in a beverage, expressed as a percentage of the total beverage weight.