Panama Microbrew Fest Returns in 2019!

We are gearing up for another Panama Microbrew Fest and we couldn’t be more excited! Since 2013, the Microbrew Fest has been a platform to showcase homebrewers, micro and craft brewers of Panama and the region. With a fun atmosphere, great music and incredible beer, it is quickly becoming a beer festival you do not want to miss.

“It’s not just 2 days of celebration, we’re year after year creating a platform that connects the craft beer industry for a whole week, with Tastings, Seminars, Tours to Breweries, Collaborations among many other things that will make Panama City the capital of craft beer in February 2019.”

Microbrew Fest Facts:

  • It gathers almost 10,000 people in 2 days of festival
  • In 2013, 4 Panamanian breweries participated and 1,500 people attended
  • In 2018, 16 Panamanian breweries participated and 9,750 people attended
  • There are beers from 8 different countries
  • An approximate of more than 200 different beers at the festival
  • It consumes around 16k liters of beer
  • Every year 1,300 direct and indirect jobs are generated
  • MBF has a PRO platform where it connects the industry (know more about the MBFPRO )
  • In 2019 El Barrilito de Oro becomes an international competition
  • MBF HUB will receive around 10 local and international companies
  • This year the MBF Masterclass will be about Shelf Life

The Micro Brew Fest, apart from being a festival, is a platform for the connection between breweries, suppliers, enthusiasts and fans of the beer world. The MBF Pro is the educational platform of the festival, which includes the MBF Masterclass, taught by Kathinka Labs.

MBF Masterclass – February 14, 2019


The MBF Masterclass  was designed to educate local and regional brewing professionals, increasing knowledge and improving quality of beer in Central America.

This edition of the second MBF Masterclass will be a one-day class in which the Kathinka Labs team has created a syllabus that will teach you the importance of a beer’s SHELF LIFE.

This masterclass is aimed at industry professionals such as producers, distributors, importers and bar owners or any point of sale who wish to strengthen their knowledge about the protection and care of the final product, and ways to prevent the mistreatment of the product to the moment of its arrival at the desired distribution channel.

To learn more and to register for the MBF Masterclass visit –>

We look forward to another exciting Microbrew Fest and we hope to see you down in beautiful Panama City, Panama. Salud!