Nutritional Analysis

What do you want to know about your beverages? And, what do you want your consumers to know about the product?


At Kathinka Labs, our nutritional parameters follow AOAC methods and the values obtained are based on the analytical measurements of each sample, not through a database survey. We test your samples and produce accurate, unique data sets for that specific sample received. A nutritional analysis is valid regardless if you’re brewing beer, kombucha, or cider.

We believe in providing transparent and accurate information to allow you brewers, and as such your consumers, to make important decisions based on real nutrient data, expanding the horizon of knowledge and impact of your well-crafted beverage.


What do we have for you to choose from?

If you are looking at a general, basic set of data, including four of the FDA’s core nutrient groups (Calorie, Total Carbohydrate, Sodium, and Protein), combined with alcohol, sugar, and specific gravity measurements, then our Brew Nutritional Analysis¹ and Kombucha Nutritional Analysis¹ introductory packages would be a great starting point. Competitively priced at $350 per sample, these packages offer a snapshot of the nutritional composition of your beer or kombucha.

If you need to submit nutritional label data to federal or state regulatory entities, or if you want to have a more in-depth view of your beverage with a larger spectrum of nutritional parameters, then either the Brew Nutritional Analysis² or Kombucha Nutritional Analysis² might be the package for you. At $650, this standard package includes the alcohol and specific gravity data, a breakdown of calorie and fat components, and a few specifics such as cholesterol.

Finally, if you want to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the composition of your beverage, we have the Brew Nutritional Analysis³ or Kombucha Nutritional Analysis³. With these comprehensive packages we breakdown calories and fat into their respective contributors, we include a series of vitamins and minerals, and we include all of the specifics of our standard. In addition, if you have any specific needs, we can include these too on a case-by-case basis. Our Nutritional Analysis³ packages, priced at $1,350, are very detailed and thorough, making them a more expensive option.

For all of our Nutritional Analysis packages, lab results will be posted to your online Kathinka Labs account. For the Nutritional Analysis¹, a general raw data analysis is given. In the Nutritional Analysis² and Nutritional Analysis³ packages, results are given as raw data and also in standard sample size nutritional label, with the serving size specified by you.

Questions about Nutritional Analysis? Please contact Lauren Sandell, Lab Manager, at