Knowledge is power!


Are you ready to take your brewing to the next level by understanding the true make up of your beer and having the information to make changes with intent?

Kathinka Labs is offering home brewers the opportunity to have access to the same sampling we offer to commercial and professional breweries! With this information you can hone in your brew recipes and process, by reducing variability in your target alcohol, bitterness, tartness, and body. In turn giving you the ability to improve your efficiency and overall quality. We are also offering a comprehensive microbiological analysis, by method of PCR, of yeast, bacteria, and beer spoiling organisms. Information, which will empower you to increase shelf lift stability, quality, and overall fermentation profile.


Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Create your account on the Kathinka Labs website so you can order your analyses and we can send you your data
  2. Choose what analysis you would like us to complete and place your order through the website. See below for testing options.
  3.  Drop your samples at one of the following local homebrew shops:

(Samples need to be dropped off by 5pm on Saturday, and results will be emailed out within 5 business days.)

Hops & Berries

1833 E Harmony Rd, #16

Fort Collins, CO 80528




900 S Hoover St., Unit C

Longmont, CO 80501

(720) 699-0214


Thank you to Hops & Berries and Brewmented for supporting homebrewer access to quality control!

Testing Options for Homebrewers: