Eagle Rock Brewery, Los Angeles

On December 6th, 2017, Kathinka team members (Jon and Lauren) partnered with Eagle Rock Brewing Co. in Los Angeles to make a special batch of a Coconut Coffee Porter, in conjunction with the Proyecto Campaña team. Here is a short recount of the day from Lauren’s perspective:

By Lauren Sandell

After flying from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA, I met with my coworker Jon in his home city. Leaving no time to spare, the 2 of us met with a few local LA brewers and discussed beer, brewing, and the world of craft over some delicious Korean BBQ. We had an enjoyable evening. It is always great to hear the perspectives of others in the brewing industry from all around the US and the world, and from microbreweries to macrobreweries.

The next morning, we welcomed Roberto (of Proyecto Campaña) to southern California, as he flew in late the night prior from Honduras – where his company is based. The 3 of us set out to Eagle Rock Brewing Company (ERB), one of the earliest craft breweries in the LA area, for a day of brewing a new beer as a collaboration between ERB, Proyecto Campaña, and Kathinka Labs/Engineering.

We were greeted by the friendly ERB team and let no time go to waste. And we were ready to get to it – straight to the mill! On the agenda for the brewhouse was a coconut coffee porter, with special ingredients including coffee cultivated in Honduras and allspice from the same region.

Their set-up is predominantly manual, a change from the larger breweries we work with, so Roberto and I were very hands-on throughout the day (kindly guided by Andrew, head brewer at ERB). Throughout the day, my primary focus was to pull samples to bring back to Fort Collins and analyze in the lab. Roberto focused on the process and learned about the recipe for replication at his up-and-coming brewery in Honduras. And Jon, well, he was the mastermind behind the brew and logistics.

Thankfully, no major hiccups occurred. In 8 fun-filled hours of shoveling spent grain out of a dairy tank-turned mash/lauter vessel (and some beer tastings in the waiting time), our wort was pitched and on the brink of fermentation! A celebratory beer was enjoyed by all before heading out for a team dinner and discussion of all things beer.

Working with the Eagle Rock Brewing team, Kathinka colleagues, and Proyecto Campaña filled me with excitement for future developments of this recipe and opportunities for more collaboration. One of my favorite parts of working in this industry is connecting with people all over the world and having a shared passion that can bring so many people together. This brew day was no different and left no room for disappointment!

I can’t wait to do this again, and I especially can’t wait to taste this porter…only a few days remain!