Buenas Pintas, Panamá City, Panamá

February 1, 2019 – A good crowd is present – as every Friday – at the Buenas Pintas bar in Panama City, one of the better secretes for craft beer fans, a great bar, owned by 3 great guys with always something new to offer.

Tonight we are tasting a new beer made by Noel (one of the founders & creators of Buenas Pintas) and Stefano, the brew master of Casa Bruja. A grape Ale, my Dogfish Head days fresh in mind, I remember the discussions with Sam and the poem he wrote for “Noble Rot” – not so easy beer to brew. More to follow, Megan is about to interview Noel about his experiment, his thoughts and dreams with this new project.

Arturo & Stacey Vallarino from Cerveceria Mulata

Stefano, my brewing brother from another mother introduces me to both a beer – PALANQUE – and a lovely couple, it’s brewers, Arturo & Stacey Vallarino from Cerveceria Mulata. Waaauw! As a saison fan and, knowing how hard it is, but also believing that this is a style and palate for the region, I had a hard to believe what I was drinking. A marvel, something to look for an try out, un cerveza especial!

Well done Arturo & Stacey, brew me another batch like this, you guys have a future!

– Floris