Analytical lab services and quality consulting for
brewers, kombucha makers & distillers

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Quality control is one of the key aspects of creating a great craft, regardless if it is a beer, kombucha, cider or craft spirit. Kathinka Labs offers high-quality, accurate, and precise lab analysis for brewers, kombucha makers, distillers, and maltsters to help ensure you are producing the best products for your customers. So, let’s get started!

Choose Your Craft:


Beer Analysis

Is your craft under control? Learn more about our lab services for craft brewers.



Kombucha Analysis

Make the best quality kombucha for your customers. Learn more about our analytical services for kombucha brewers.



Cider Analysis

We offer lab services for cider makers to ensure you are making the highest quality products for your customers.


Spirits Analysis

Kathinka Labs provides distillers with lab analyses on a variety of spirits.



Malt Analysis

We offer maltsters and brewers a quick turnaround on their grist analyses.


Homebrew Analysis

Quality control is just as important for home brewers as it is for professional brewers!